The  New and Improved
(Pronounced "odd-mount")

The Ultimate 20 MOA Precision AR Scope Mount
An Aadland Engineering, LLC Product
Proudly 100% Made in the USA!


The Updated Design features the following improvements over the prior design:
Longer:  With 3.25” between the rings even USO T-Pal scopes now fit easily.

Lower:  The height is now 1.45” from the top of the rail to the center of the scope.

Lighter:  Despite the increased length, the weight was reduced dramatically.  The 30mm model now weighs a mere 8.7 oz.  This puts it “right in there” weight-wise with many of the lighter mounts, despite being dramatically stronger by most measures.

Alloy:  The AADMOUNT is now machined from extremely high strength 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy.
Anti-Cant Bubble Level: An extremely useful aid for long range shooting, a quick glance at the level can prevent large windage errors due to the shooter canting the rifle.  There’s no longer a need for a separate level mounted on the rail or the scope, protruding out where it is in the way or blocking the view of the scope dials.  With the level built right into the base of the AADMOUNT it’s always right where you need it but never getting in the way.

Key Features:

Built in 20 MOA Slope: 
The built in slope of the AADMOUNT allows long range shooting with scopes that have too small a range of adjustment using a flat mount or rings on AR-type rifles, DTA or Barrett long range rifles or similar rifles with integral Picatinny upper receivers.  This eliminates the need for scabbed-on "riser rails" many have been forced to used in the past.

The AADMOUNT places the centerline of the scope 1.45" above the top of the rail.  This allows room for larger scopes with 50mm and 56mm objectives even with straight rail forends and gives ample clearance for folding rear BUIS even for scopes with large ocular assemblies.  This height provides a comfortable cheek weld for AR style rifles utilizing long range/precision style stocks.

Eye Relief:
The cantilevered style of the AADMOUNT allows the scope to be mounted farther forward on AR style rifles than straight mounts or a pair of high rings so a mounting position providing more comfortable eye relief is possible.

Short Base:
The relatively short length of the base of the AADMOUNT allows maximum flexibility in mounting location on the upper receiver so you can find the location best suited to the size of the scope, length of pull, rifle's intended use and your own personal shooting style and allow plenty of room on the rail for rear BUIS.

Return to Zero: 

The AADMOUNT will return to zero within 1/2 MOA or your money back.

Two 5-shot groups fired consecutively at 100 yds from a 6.5 Grendel, both measure less than .75".
The scope was removed and reinstalled between each shot.

Overall Strength:  

There are plenty of quick release-type mounts and cheap Chinese mounts made from cheap aluminum extrusion on the market, but when used with big scopes on big rifles for long range precision, especially when large amounts of recoil or rough treatment are present, many leave much to be desired in their performance.  It's in this type of application the AADMOUNT really shines.

The AADMOUNT was designed to be as close to indestructible as possible.  We believe we have achieved our goal.  From the 10 #8-32 Grade 8 ring screws providing clamping force over a large area eliminating any possibility of scope movement without "pinching" or "ring-marking" or otherwise damaging the scope, to the three machined-in integral locking lugs providing several times more strength than is necessary, to the four #8-32 Grade 8 clamp screws providing 70% more clamping force on the rail than competing designs, to the thick cross sections of billet aluminum throughout which provide not only amazing strength but also accuracy-promoting stiffness, the AADMOUNT is simply stronger, stiffer, and more durable than any other mount on the market.

Finite Element Analysis tools were heavily employed to optimize strength and stiffness while keeping weight at a minimum.

The AADMOUNT is not just "approved for use" on 50 Cal rifles, but is highly recommended for such use.  Of course, you do not need a 50 Cal to enjoy the strength, accuracy and durability the AADMOUNT provides (and the peace of mind that comes with it) especially if you subject your equipment to harsh, severe use.

Ease of Removal:

While the AADMOUNT technically isn't a "quick release" mount because it requires the use of a tool, it is very fast and easy to remove taking only seconds longer than QR mounts should the scope need to be removed in the field.  One of the many advantages of using four #8 screws instead of two ¼" crossbolts/studs/nuts to secure the clamp to the rail is the only tool required for removal is the very small "L-shaped" TORX wrench (included free with the purchase of an AADMOUNT).  This wrench is very small and weighs next to nothing.  It can easily be stowed within small storage compartments of various stocks and grips so that it is always available on the rifle.  Since all required clamping force is obtained with only 35 lb-in of torque, the screws are easily loosened by hand using the small wrench.  This cannot be done with couple of large nuts torqued to 65 lb-in without a larger tool.

Of course if your profession makes likely scenarios in which the few seconds it takes to retrieve the tool in order to remove the scope may take to long under fire, then you should get a true QD mount.  We recommend both Larue and ADM quick release mounts for this application.

Exclusive Swing Clamp Design:

The AADMOUNT's Swing Clamp design allows for easy installation and removal of the AADMOUNT while providing tremendous amounts of clamping force.  The Swing Clamp is very tolerant of out of spec rails and will
still provide full strength over a wide range of rail dimensions.  Most competing designs use a sharp cutout on the body of the mount (or ring) and a triangular protrusion on the clamp to match because it is cheaper to manufacture.  This often results in only the tip of the small triangular protrusion making contact with the groove in the body which results in a large reduction of strength.  The AADMOUNT's Swing Clamp uses a thick rounded protrusion mating with a rounded groove on the body which acts like a high strength hinge.  This keeps the contact area and critical acting cross section of the protrusion constant regardless of rail dimension so 100% full strength is always maintained and clamping force is never lost due to the yielding of a small, thin edge of material.

Nearly Flush Mount Clamp Screws:

The advantages of using four #8-32 Grade 8 screws to secure the AADMOUNT to the rifle instead of larger cross bolts are many.  One of the biggest is clamping force--two ¼" cross bolts with the nuts torqued to 65 lb-in (as is typical with many other single piece mounts or pairs of tactical rings) offer about 2500 lbs of clamping force total.  The AADMOUNT's four #8-32 screws torqued to only 35 lb-in offer about 4300 lbs of clamping force (an increase of more than 70%).

The four screws spread this clamping force evenly over a large area along the entire length of the Swing Clamp.  This reduces the stress in both the Swing Clamp and the rail's critical cross sections, which increases strength and reduces the chances of damage to both.  At only 35 lb-in, this amount of torque can be applied in the field with only a small "L-shaped" TORX wrench (which can easily be stowed in a small compartment on the rifle itself) without requiring a larger tool.

The heads of the #8-32 screws mount slightly above flush with the surface of the Swing Clamp.  There are no large nuts, levers, thumbscrews or anything else protruding off the side of the AADMOUNT which can get hung up on clothing or other equipment and won't bite your hand when working a side charging handle.

Three Machined-in Integral Recoil Lugs:
The three recoil lugs machined into the solid billet aluminum body of the AADMOUNT provide a ridiculous amount of strength--several times the amount of strength any user should ever need.  Why so many?  It adds very little to the overall cost and an immeasurable amount of weight.  So the better question is why not?  Overkill gives peace of mind which means a lot to many people, especially with mission critical parts such as their scope mount.  Especially for those using the AADMOUNT on 338 Lapuas or 50 Cals, knowing their mount can withstand all the recoil they can throw at it with ease is priceless.  As mentioned above, the AADMOUNT was designed to be as close to indestructible as possible.  The three integral recoil lugs are but one aspect of achieving that goal.

In addition to brute strength, the three integral recoil lugs aid with returning to zero after dismounting and keeping that zero precisely when mounted.  The three lugs spread the load over a much larger area than any other mount on the market.  This reduces stress not only in the mount, but in the lugs on the rail of the rifle itself.  This adds Stiffness.  This mount won't take a couple of shots to "settle in" or move microscopic amounts under sever recoil or hard use.

10 Ring Screws:
The 10 #8-32 Grade 8 ring screws providing clamping force over a large area eliminating any possibility of scope movement without "pinching" or "ring-marking" or otherwise damaging the scope.  Why 10?  While systems with 8 usually do fine when torqued correctly, there have been plenty of cases where the scope has moved under recoil or severe blows with them.  The six screw front ring of the AADMOUNT eliminates that as a possibility.  Again, providing much peace of mind.  The amount of clamping force is tremendous, but being spread over a large area protects the scope (vs. over torquing fewer screws on narrower rings).  The larger front ring also provides much support to the scope tube itself, especially those with large objectives by reacting bending moments with smaller forces due to its length.  The large front ring also provides a good platform for heavy accessories (such as night vision attachments) to be mounted from it very securely with optional ringtops (available in the future).

Why only four screws in the rear?  10 total was enough so there was no need for 6 in the rear.  Having a wide six screw ring in the back would have caused fitment problems with many popular scopes (such as the Schmidt and Bender PMII illuminated scopes).

A final note on clamping force of the rings screws--many AR mounts use vertically split rings where the bottom two screws attach the rings to the base of the mount.  These mounts, no matter the number of screws, cannot compare with the AADMOUNT's clamping force on the scope.  Much of the clamping force of the bottom screws is absorbed clamping the rings to the base and not clamping in the the scope.  The ring halves are then “bent around” the scope tube when the top screws are tightened.  This dramatically reduces total clamping force and when they don't really fit the scope very well the clamping force you do have is not distributed well.  Rest assured, 100% of the ring screw's clamping force of the AADMOUNT goes to securing the scope.  And the precise machining of the mount allows it to fit the scope like a glove distributing all that force evenly, ensuring no movement of the scope.


The AADMOUNT was designed and analyzed utilizing the latest in 3D modeling technology.  This allows us to design parts as an assembly that fit together like a Swiss Watch the first time, eliminating redesign after redesign iterative process from prototype to production.  This reduces development costs which are passed on to you with lower prices.

With Stress Analysis skills developed during many years in the Aerospace industry and extensive use of FEA tools, we don't design "by trial and error"--wait until customers break it, redesign where it broke, wait until the customers find the next weak link, then fix that, etc--which is an unfortunate practice much of the industry follows due to having little or no real Mechanical Engineering talent on staff.  At Aadland Engineering, LLC, when we decide a part needs to be a certain way it's not a guess, it's because that's what running the numbers told us.  It's because that's the way the part needs to be.

Quality--Made in The USA:
All our parts are proudly 100% Made in the USA on the finest CNC equipment directly from 3D Solid Models by highly skilled Machinists in the Northwestern US.  As a qualified supplier for companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics etc, our production facility produces only the highest quality parts.    Each AADMOUNT is machined from a solid chunk of Billet 7075-T6511 Aluminum Alloy meeting the highest quality standards and parts are machined to very tight tolerances.  All parts, even the Grade 8 fasteners, are made in the USA.

Each AADMOUNT is finished with a Type III Hard Anodizing which roughly doubles its surface hardness.  This hard protective layer allows your AADMOUNT deal with many years of hard use without getting beaten up.

These days with the flood of cheap parts arriving from overseas, the Made in The USA label means a lot.   Parts made from undocumented, questionable alloys which may or may not have been heat treated properly, being knocked out by low paid unskilled workers on low-tech machines overseas makes for a "buyer beware" marketplace. 
Sometimes it's hard to tell the quality you're getting--it sometimes only becomes clear after the part fails prematurely.  Then it's too late.  There are no such worries with Aadland Engineering, LLC products.  You know you are getting the highest quality product on the market.

100% Satisfactions Guarantee:
If you are unhappy with your AADMOUNT in any way, for any reason, simply return it for a full refund.

Lifetime Warranty:
If you break your AADMOUNT, no matter how you did it (it must have been pretty spectacular), simply return it for a replacement.  You don't need a receipt, you don't need to be the original owner and the damage can be your fault.  It matters not, we'll take care of you.

Now Available:  1" Inserts:
These allow the use of 1" tube scopes in the 30mm AADMOUNTS.


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