AADMOUNTTM Double Lug Rings
Six Screw Severe Duty Rings for Tactical, Precision Hunting or Target Rifles

An Aadland Engineering, LLC Product
Proudly 100% Made in the USA!

Currently Available for 30mm Tube Rifle Scopes


Key Features:

Repeatable Return to Zero: 

The AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings will return to zero within 1/10 Mil or your money back.  Their precision CNC machining allows them to interface with the picatinny rail precisely; exactly the same way every time.  The geometry of the design was carefully selected to provide large amounts of stiffness at the rail interfaces.  One example is the “foot” which grabs the rail opposite the clamp as seen below.

The incredible stiffness of this design results in less deflection when the rings are torqued to the rail.  You can feel this stiffness when you torque the rings to the rail—how quickly the fasteners go from finger tight to torqued when compared with other brands of aluminum rings.  (Keep in mind it’s most impressive on a titanium or steel rail, with an aluminum rail the rail itself flexes a fair amount.)

Deflection of this area literally changes the position of the scope relative to the rail and thus your POI so minimizing it is advantageous.  Less total deflection means less variation in deflection with variations of clamp load.  Even high quality torque wrenches have a +/- tolerance, and small variables such as the cleanliness of the fasteners can cause variations in the preload of the clamp even when you're trying to torque the fasteners accurately.  Smaller variations in deflections mean more accurate return to zero, time after time.

Two Machined-in Integral Recoil Lugs:

Much the same applies to increasing the bearing area of the recoil lugs, although this will be most noticeable on heavy recoiling rifles--especially those with an aluminum rail.  With such rifles, one often notices upon re-installation of the scope the first shot is "out of the group" while successive shots land back at the original zero from before the scope was removed.  This is due to the mounting system flexing together, "taking a set" during the first shot.  Typical rings themselves will flex as well as the lugs on the picatinny rail a noticeable amount. 

This problem can also be exacerbated when a scope is moved from rifle to rifle, rail to rail.  Even quality picatinny rails do have a tolerance, if you move a scope around to enough of them you'll often find in some cases only one of the rings' recoil lugs is contacting the lug on the rail while the other is a few thousandths off.

When done with a heavy recoiling rifle, especially with an aluminum rail, especially one without full width slots, you'll find after the first shot both rings are now in contact as the small amount of bearing area of the one ring had no chance of preventing the scope movement by itself.  That movement means your second shot likely won't land on top of your first.

The AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings with Two lugs per ring--lugs that protrude more deeply into the slots on the rail than many other brands--will minimize this effect and give the best chance of the big rifle being "on" with the first shot after scope installation.  The Two lugs per ring spread the load over a much larger area than any other rings on the market.  This reduces the bearing stress, which reduces deflection not only in the rings, but in the lugs on the picatinny rail itself.


A particularly important application for this is a lightweight hard kicking hunting rifle with an aluminum rail which may have the scope removed for travel or a backup scope installed on location upon failure of the first.  The first shot always being off is highly undesirable.  The AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings solve this problem.

In addition to the benefits of the return to zero performance the two recoil lugs machined into the solid billet aluminum body of the AADMOUNT rings provide, they also a ridiculous amount of strength--several times the amount of strength any user should ever need.  Overkill gives peace of mind which means a lot to many people, especially with mission critical parts such as their scope mount. 

For those using the AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings on 338 Lapuas or 50 Cal tactical rifles, or lightweight hunting rifles chambered for big rounds which are very popular these days, knowing your rings can withstand all the recoil these rifles can throw at them with ease is priceless.  As mentioned below,  the AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings were designed to be as close to indestructible as possible.  The two integral recoil lugs per ring are but one aspect of achieving that goal.

Overall Strength:  

The AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings were designed to be as close to indestructible as possible.  We believe we have achieved our goal.  From the 6 #8-32 Grade 8 ring screws per ring providing tremendous clamping force on the scope over a large area eliminating any possibility of scope movement without "pinching" or "ring-marking" or otherwise damaging the scope, to the two machined-in integral recoil lugs per ring providing several times more strength than is necessary, to the four #8-32 Grade 8 clamp screws providing up to 70% more clamping force on the rail than competing designs, to the thick cross sections of 7075-T6 billet aluminum throughout which provide not only amazing strength but also accuracy-promoting stiffness, the AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings provide a combination of strength, stiffness and light weight which is unmatched.

AADMOUNT rings are not just "approved for use" on 50 Cal rifles, but are highly recommended for such use.  Of course, you do not need a 50 Cal to enjoy the strength, accuracy and durability the AADMOUNT rings provide (and the peace of mind that comes with them) especially if you subject your equipment to harsh, severe use.

Light Weight:
Despite their brute strength, the AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings are surprisingly lightweight.  CNC machined entirely from 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum with carefully selected geometry, they are extremely efficient.  Starting at 5.5 oz per pair of 30mm 0.83” high rings, they are noticeably lighter than the most common, much more narrow four screw steel tactical rings.

Ease of Removal and Re-installation:

While the AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings technically aren't "quick release" rings because they require the use of a tool, they are very fast and easy to remove taking only seconds longer than QR mounts should the scope need to be removed in the field.  One of the many advantages of using four #8 screws instead of two ¼" crossbolts/studs/nuts to secure the clamp to the rail is the only
tool required for removal is the very small "L-shaped" TORX wrench (included free with the purchase of AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings).  This wrench is very small and weighs next to nothing.  Since all required clamping force is obtained with only 35
lb-in of torque, the screws are easily loosened by hand using the small wrench.  This cannot be done with couple of large nuts torqued to 65 lb-in without a larger tool.

The aspects of the design outlined above which improve return to zero performance allow one to have reasonably satisfactory results using only the small Torx wrench to re-install the scope.  While using a torque wrench is always best for the most precise results, the ability to quickly get a rifle needing scope replacement functioning accurately in the field using only the small tool in a pinch could save the day in the right situation.

When not in the field or when you have a bit of gear with you, all of the above is accomplished with a torque wrench with ease.  From swapping a scope from rifle to rifle to using multiple scopes on one rifle, the ability to quickly remove and re-install scopes with repeatable return to zero performance is an advantage of AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings.

Flush Mount Clamp Screws:
The advantages of using two #8-32 Grade 8 screws to secure the AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings to the rifle instead of a single larger cross bolt are many.  One of the biggest is clamping force--one ¼" cross bolt with the nut torqued to 65 lb-in (as is typical with many other tactical rings) offer about 1300 lbs of clamping force.  The AADMOUNT ring's two #8-32 screws torqued to only 35 lb-in offer about 2200 lbs of clamping force (an increase of about 70%). 

The two screws spread this clamping force evenly over a large area along the entire length of the Swing Clamp.  This reduces the stress in both the Swing Clamp and the rail's critical cross sections, which increases strength and reduces the chances of damage to both.  At only 35 lb-in, this amount of torque can be applied in the field with only a small "L-shaped" TORX wrench (which can easily be stowed in a small compartment on the rifle itself or in any tiny pocket in your gear) without requiring a larger tool.

The heads of the #8-32 screws mount flush with the surface of the Swing Clamp.  There are no large nuts, levers, thumbscrews or anything else protruding off the side of the AADMOUNT rings which can get hung up on clothing or other equipment and won't bite your hand when working a side charging handle.  Carrying a hunting rifle all day with big nuts sticking out catching on things gets really old.  AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings provide a much more enjoyable experience in such situations.

Swing Clamp Design:

The AADMOUNT's Swing Clamp design allows for easy installation and removal of the AADMOUNT while providing tremendous amounts of clamping force.  The Swing Clamp is very tolerant of out of spec rails and will
still provide full strength over a wide range of rail dimensions.  Most competing designs use a sharp cutout on the body of the mount (or ring) and a triangular protrusion on the clamp to match because it is cheaper to manufacture.  This often results in only the tip of the small triangular protrusion making contact with the groove in the body which results in a large reduction of strength.  The AADMOUNT's Swing Clamp uses a thick rounded protrusion mating with a rounded groove on the body which acts like a high strength hinge.  This keeps the contact area and critical acting cross section of the protrusion constant regardless of rail dimension so 100% full strength is always maintained and clamping force is never lost due to the yielding of a small, thin edge of material.

The oversized holes and counterbores in the clamp allow plenty of "play" in the positioning of the clamp so the heads of the fasteners are not preventing the clamp from adjusting the required amount to fit out of spec rails.  Sometimes with other brands the heads of the screws contacting the tight counterbores absorb the screw's torque and reduce the clamping force applied ot the rail.

6 Ring Screws:
The 6 #8-32 Grade 8 ring screws provide clamping force over a large area eliminating any possibility of scope movement without "pinching" or "ring-marking" or otherwise damaging the scope.   While systems with 4 screws each usually do fine when torqued correctly, there have been plenty of cases where the scope has moved under recoil.  The six screws of the AADMOUNT Double Lug Ring eliminates that as a possibility.  This provides much peace of mind.  The amount of clamping force is tremendous, but being spread over a large area protects the scope (vs. over torquing fewer screws on narrower rings).  The larger rings also provides much support to the scope tube itself, especially those with large objectives by reacting bending moments with smaller forces due to its length.  The large front ring also provides a good platform for heavy accessories (such as night vision attachments) to be mounted from it very securely with optional ringtops (available in the future).

The AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings were designed and analyzed utilizing the latest in 3D modeling technology.  This allows us to design parts as an assembly that fit together like a Swiss Watch the first time, eliminating redesign after redesign iterative process from prototype to production.  This reduces development costs which are passed on to you with lower prices.

With Stress Analysis skills developed during many years
in the Aerospace industry, we don't design "by trial and error"--wait until customers break it, redesign where it broke, wait until the customers find the next weak link, then fix that, etc--which is an unfortunate practice much of the industry follows due to having little or no real Mechanical Engineering talent on staff.  At Aadland Engineering, LLC, when we decide a part needs to be a certain way it's not a guess, it's because that's what running the numbers told us.  It's because that's the way the part needs to be.

Preventing Scope Damage:

Above shows how the carefully chosen geometry gives the ring the right stiffnesses in the right places to ensure it compresses the scope tube evenly around its circumference.  This not only provides a better grip on the scope, but prevents "tube pinching," where the rings flex inward on the sides pinching the scope tube, which is a common problem with many other brands of scope rings and is a large cause of ring marks.

AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings apply their tremendous clamping force very evenly to the scope tube and will not cause ring marks when mounted to a straight picatinny rail.

Quality--Made in The USA:
All our parts are proudly 100% Made in the USA on the finest CNC equipment directly from 3D Solid Models by highly skilled Machinists in the Northwestern US.  As a qualified supplier for companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics etc, our production facility produces only the highest quality parts.    Each AADMOUNT ring part is machined from a solid chunk of 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy meeting the highest quality standards and parts are machined to very tight tolerances.  All parts, even the Grade 8 fasteners, are made in the USA.

AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings are finished with a Type III Hard Anodizing which roughly doubles its surface hardness.  This hard protective layer allows your AADMOUNT rings to deal with many years of hard use without getting beaten up.

These days with the flood of cheap parts arriving from overseas, the Made in The USA label means a lot.   Parts made from undocumented, questionable alloys which may or may not have been heat treated properly, being knocked out by low paid unskilled workers on low-tech machines overseas makes for a "buyer beware" marketplace. 
Sometimes it's hard to tell the quality you're getting--it sometimes only becomes clear after the part fails prematurely.  Then it's too late.  There are no such worries with Aadland Engineering, LLC products.  You know you are getting the highest quality product on the market.

100% Satisfactions Guarantee:
If you are unhappy with your AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings in any way, for any reason, simply return them for a full refund.

Lifetime Warranty:
If you break your AADMOUNT Double Lug Rings, no matter how you did it (it must have been pretty spectacular), simply return them for a replacement.  You don't need a receipt, you don't need to be the original owner and the damage can be your fault.  It matters not, we'll take care of you.

Currently Available for 30mm Tube Rifle Scopes in 0.83", 0.95" and 1.07" heights.


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